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Site News

Hello, and welcome to the Simpsons NeoWiki. Any members can help submit information and edit pages here, so help is much appreciated.

You can log in with your Neoseeker username and password up at the top!

What you can do to help

You can edit any pages you like, with the correct information. You can help us move the information from the Simpsons Neoportal. Please do not add any information that has been copied and pasted from another site, or anywhere else. You can add new pages from the Portal with whatever information is on that page. Once you have added something to the Wiki, please contact Mishtram so he can check it off.

If you have any questions about this portal, and what to contribute, then please send a pm to Mishtram, Twisted, or Krunal

Wiki Info

Recent Changes

To Do/Projects

  • Transfer all the information from the Simpsons Neoportal.
  • Get the Wiki up to date, and input information on all of the new and latest episodes.
  • Make the Wiki have a nice new layout.
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