Moaning Lisa

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From Season 1


Episode Summary

Lisa is feeling very low until she meets Bleeding Gums Murphy who teachers her how to use music to express her efelings. Lisa writes Bleeding Gums Murphy a song which he perfoms at a night club.


P.E. Instructor: Lisa! We are playing dodge ball here. The object of the game is to avoid the ball by weaving or ducking out of it's path!
Lisa: In other dodge the ball.

Lisa: Thanks, Mr. Murphy!
Bleeding Gums Murphy: My friends call me Bleeding Gums.
Lisa: Ew, how'd you get a name like that?
Bleeding Gums Murphy: Well let me put it this way. Have you ever been to the dentist?
Lisa: Yeah.
Bleeding Gums Murphy: Not me...

Guest Voices

Other Information

Air Date : 2-11-90

Chalkboard : I will not instigate revolution.

Couch : Maggie flies into the air and then falls to Marge.

Production Code : 7G06


  • Wesley Archer


  • Al Jean
  • Mike Reiss

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