Bonus Mission

[edit] Overview

Bonus Missions are an extra mission that you can do in a level. There are good reasons to do them--you unlock a brand-new car when you do, and they are needed for 100% completion. Usually, Bonus Missions vary in difficulty, and are not very specific. You can find them when you see a specific character with an exclamation point above their head. They are marked on the radar as a smaller blue circle.

[edit] Bonus Missions

Mission Reward Level
This Old Shanty Pickup Truck Level 1
Dial B For Blood WWII Vehicle Level 2
Princi-Pal Sedan (Skinner) Level 3
Beached Love Kremlin Level 4
Kinky Frinky Hover Car Level 5
Milking the Pigs Bandit Level 6
Flaming Tires Mr. Burns' Limo Level 7

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