Crew Guide

The crew of The Simpsons work long, hard and strenuous hours to deliver us over 20 episodes each year. The animation and director process takes almsot 6 months, and a single line in a script can take hours. The crew is definitely behind the laughter.


[edit] Adam I. Lapidus

Adam. I. Lapidus has been a writer on many shows including Full House, and Who's The Boss.

[edit] Al Jean

Al Jean is a Harvard Graduate who came to the show aside Mike Reiss. Together, they penned some earlier episodes and then became Show Runners. They then left to do The Critic but still remained consultants. Al Jean returned and is now Executive Producer for The Simpsons.

[edit] Alan Smart

Aside from The Simpsons, Alan has worked on Hey Arnold!, The Critic and Cat Dog.

[edit] Bill Canterbury

Aside from The Simpsons, Bill has worked on 2gether: The Series and Duckman.

[edit] Bill Oakley

Bill Oakley, along with Harvey Weinstein came to The Simpsons in the beginning and became Executive Producers during Seasons Seven and Eight.

[edit] Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson has worked as a director on The Simpsons since the fifth season of the show. He's also guest-starred on a variety of television shows including The Cheyenne Show and Dr. Who.

[edit] Bob Kushell

Bob Kushell has worked on The Simpsons sometimes as a writer but mainly as a contributor to the story elements.

[edit] Bob Kushell

Bob Kushell has written for The Simpsons, 3rd Rock From the Sun and Grounded for Life.

[edit] Brad Bird

This Simpsons director has also worked on South Park and King of the Hill. He also was a writer and director of the recent movie The Incredibles.

[edit] Brent Forrester

Brent Forrester has written for The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and The Ben Stiller Show. He has also lent his voice to King of the Hill.

[edit] Brian K. Roberts

Aside from being a writer, Brian K. Roberts has directed tons of shows and even made a guest appearance in The Hughleys.

[edit] Brian Scully

Brian Scully, who is related to Executive Producer Mike Scully, has written for The Simpsons, Complete Savages and The Drew Carey Show.

[edit] Carlos Baeza

Carlos Baeza started working on the show during its third season. Besides working on The Simpsons, Baeza has worked on Futurama.

[edit] Carolyn Omine

Carolyn Omine has written for The Simpsons, Full House, and The Parent 'Hood. She has now become a Co-Executive Producer.

[edit] Conan O'Brien

Although he is most known for his television talk show host role, Conan O'Brien was first a Simpsons producer and writer. He wrote many popular episodes like "Marge Vs. The Monorail." According to commentaries he was the clown of the writing room.

[edit] Dan Greaney

Dan Greaney has written for The Simpsons, and The Michael Richards Show.

[edit] Dan McGrath

Besides The Simpsons, Dan McGrath has written for Saturday Night Live, King of the Hill and Mission Hill.

[edit] Dave Mirkin

David Mirkin came to the show in Season 5 as Executive Producer and did that for 2 years. During that time he wrote a few episodes, like "Deep Space Homer." He is known for introducing "wackier" plots to The Simpsons.

[edit] David Issacs

David Issacs has worked on shows such as M*A*S*H and Cheers and Becker with his partner Ken Levine. They are freelance writers.

[edit] David M. Stern

David M. Stern got his start on The Wonder Years (where his brother was the voice of Kevin's mind). Since then he has worked on Monk, The Simpsons and Oliver Beene.

[edit] David Richardson

David Richardson has wrote for The Simpsons, Malcom in The Middle, What About Joan, Ed and My Big Fat Greek Life.

[edit] David Sacks

David Sacks has written for The Simpsons, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Empty Nest, Murphy Brown and other television shows.

[edit] David Silverman

David Silverman is one of The Simpsons better known directors who is currently Supervising Director.

[edit] David X. Cohen

David X. Cohen is a writer on The Simpsons and also Executive Producer for Futurama. He changed his name to David X. Cohen because there was already a David S. Cohen in the Writers Guild of America.

[edit] Deb Lacusta

Deb Lacusta is married to Dan Castellaneta and has written a few episodes with him.

[edit] Dominic Polcino

Dominic Polcino is a Simpsons director, and had also worked on King of the Hill in the past.

[edit] Don Payne

Don Payne has written for The Simpsons where he is now a Co-Executive Producer. He has also written for Veronica's Closet and Can't Hurry Love.

[edit] Donic Cary

Donic Cary has written for Complete Savages, The Simpsons and Just Shoot Me.

[edit] Frank Mula

Frank Mula has written various Simpsons episodes and has also worked on Grand and Local Heroes.

[edit] Gary Apple

Aside from The Simpsons, Gary has worked on The Sinbad Show, Get Smart and Doug.

[edit] George Meyer

George Meyer was once an editor of The Harvard Lampoon. Although he hasn't written the most shows or is very well known, some say that he comes up with some of the funniest things you see or hear on The Simpsons.

[edit] Greg Daniels

Greg Daniels worked as a writer and producer on The Simpsons before he go created the popular King of the Hill cartoon show with Mike Judge.

[edit] Gregg Vanzo

This director has also worked on Futurama.

[edit] Howard Gewirtz

Howard Gewirtz was a writer and producer on Taxi, Jenny and just a writer on Bosom Buddies. He also created the series, All Is Forgiven and he even made a guest apperance on Taxi once.

[edit] Ian Maxtone-Graham

Ian Maxtone-Graham has won a WGA writer's award for his work on The Simpsons as a writer and Executive Producer. He is famous for admitting that he never saw the show before seeing it.

[edit] Jace Richdale

Jace Richdale has written for [i]The Simpsons[/i], [i]Get a Life[/i], [i]Family Ties[/i] and [i]Oliver Beene[/i].

[edit] Jack Barth

Jack Barth (who is rumored to be just a psuedonym) has written only one episode for The Simpsons.

[edit] James L. Brooks

This legendary television and movie producer and writer was the one who got the ball rolling on The Simpsons show. He's known for bringing in a great way to conclude a plot and those "happy endings" that make some episodes great. His most recent work is the feature film that he wrote and directed staring Adam Sandler, Spanglish.

[edit] Jane O'Brien

Jane O'Brien has written for The Simpsons and Battery Park.

[edit] Jay Kogen

Jay Kogen is the son of a very popular comedy writer named Arnie Kogen. He was born in Brooklyn but grew up in Los Angeles.

Aside from being a writer, he is also a stand-up comic.

[edit] Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin is another great Simpsons writer who also pens a lot of the lyrics for the shows many songs. Jeff Martin has appeared on many skits in the early years of Letterman. His most recent project is Listen Up.

[edit] Jeffrey Lynch

Jeffrey Lynch has served as a director on Futurama, The Simpsons and Due South.

[edit] Jeffrey Ventimilia

Jeffrey Ventimilia, who has often worked with Joshua Sternin, has written for Murphy Brown, The Simpsons, The Critic and That 70's Show.

[edit] Jennifer Crittenden

Jennifer Crittenden has written for Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, The Drew Carey Show, The Simpsons and Bram and Alice.

[edit] Jim Reardon

This director got his start on the show after he submitted a hilarious video called Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown. He has also done some writing for The Mighty Ducks<i> and <i>Tiny Toons. Jim was at one time supervising director.

[edit] John Frink

John Frink has written for Veronica's Closet and The Simpsons. He is now a Co-Executive Producer.

His last name Frink was used for the character Professor Frink.

[edit] John Swartzwelder

John Swartzwelder is the most mysterious Simpsons writer. Some think he is just a psuedonym. He is credited with writing the most Simpsons episodes. He has chosen not do any DVD commentaries. He's described as liking anything old-fashioned.

[edit] Jon Vitti

Jon Vitti is one of the more popular Simpsons writers who has been around since the beginning of the show.

[edit] Jonathan Collier

Jonathan Collier is a Simpsons writer that worked on the show 1994 - 1996.

[edit] Josh Weinstein

Josh, along with Bill Oakley were writers and proders on The Simpsons before becoming Executive Producers for Seasons 7 and 8.

[edit] Joshua Sternin

Joshua Sternin has written for The Simpsons, The Critic, Murphy Brown and most recently Kitchen Confidential.

[edit] Julie Thacker

Julie Thacker, another Simpsons writer related to Executive Producer Mike Skully, has written for The Simpsons, Complete Savages, and The Pitts.

[edit] Ken Keeler

Ken Keeler has written various scripts for The Simpsons and Futurama.

[edit] Ken Levine

Ken Levine has worked on shows such as M*A*S*H and Cheers and Becker with his partner David Isaacs. They are freelance writers.

[edit] Kent Butterworth

Kent has also directed Tiny Toon Adventures, Batman, Johnny Bravo and The Adventures of Mickey Mouse.

[edit] Larry Doyle

Lary Doyle has written for The Rugrats, Beavis and Butthead, The Simpsons and Daria.

[edit] Marc Wilmore

Marc Wilmore is a newer writer for The Simpsons who has also written for The PJs.

[edit] Mark Kirkland

Mark Kirkland joined The Simpsons in its second season, and has been mostly with the show ever since. As a result, Mark Kirkland has directed the most Simpsons episodes.

[edit] Matt Groening

The renowned creator of The Simpsons used his family members name and simple cartoons. Before The Simpsons he making comic strips and living in a small apartment. He is now a millionaire.

[edit] Matt Selman

Matt Selman has written various Simpsons episodes as well as become an Executive Producer on the show.

[edit] Michael Carrington

Aside from writing for That's so Raven, The Sinbad Show, The Simpsons, and Martin, Michael Carrington has lent his voice to The Simpsons, The Critic, and appeared in Martin.

[edit] Mike Reiss

Mike Reiss, along with Al Jean, were at The Simpsons from the beginning. Reiss and Jean quickly became Show Runners and guided the show during its "classic years". Mike Reiss left the show but remains a consultant. He writes children books on the side. He does many lectures and which includes a lot of Simpsons tidbits.

[edit] Mike Scully

Mike Scully became Executive Producer during the 9th season and remained so until the 12th. This was at the height of The Simpsons fame, but to many longtime fans some of the "worst episodes over." Under Mike Scully the famous "Jerkass Homer" was created.

[edit] Milton Gray

This Simpsons director also worked on My Little Pony.

[edit] Mimi Pond

Mimi Pond wrote the "first" Simpsons episode or the Christmas special. This is the only Simpson episode that Mimi Pond wrote, and she hasn't been involved with the show since.

[edit] Ned Goldreyer

Ned Goldreyer has written for The Simpsons, Grounded for Life and Dilbert.

[edit] Nell Scovell

Nell was the first female Simpsons writer ever. Asides from The Simpsons she worked on Sabrina the Teenage-Witch, Charmed, The Critic, Monk and much more.

[edit] Penny Wise

Penny Wise is a psuedonym from the phrase "Penny wise, pound foolish." It was first used by Jon Vitti in episode 603 - Another Simpsons Clip Show. This was because FOX wanted the Simpsons to produce another episode, and the writers were forced to make this clip show.

[edit] Rachel Pulido

Racelo Pulido, the second female writer on The Simpsons, has only written one episode and has been credited for a story idea.

[edit] Reid Harrison

Reid Harrison has written for Rodney, The Simpsons, and George & Leo.

[edit] Rich Moore

Rich Moore is one the prolific Simpson directors who helped establish the show's style. He worked on Futurama, a cartoon created by Simpsons creator Matt Groening and also was Supervising Director on Al Jean and Mike Reiss's The Critic.

[edit] Richard Appel

Richard Appel has written for The Simpsons, The Bernie Mac Show, and A.S.U.A..

[edit] Robert Cohen

Robert Cohen has been a writer on many shows, including The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, The Ben Stiller Show and The Naked Truth. He's also guest-starred on television shows like The Super Adventure Team.

[edit] Ron Hauge

Besides writing for The Simpsons, Hauge has written for Rocko's Modern Life.

[edit] Sam Simon

Sam Simon is credited with the devloping the show but in reality he left the show along ago and there are many rumors as to why.

[edit] Spike Ferensten

Spike Ferensten has written for The Simpsons.

[edit] Spike Feresten

Spike Feresten has written for The Simpsons and Seinfeld,

[edit] Steve O'Donnell

Steve O'Donnell has written for Seinfeld, The Simpsons, and The Downer Channel.

[edit] Steve Pepoon

Aside from working on The Simpsons, Steve has written for ALF, The PJs, Dinosaurs and Rosanne.

[edit] Steve Tompkins

Steve Tompkins has written for The Bernie Mac Show, The Critic and The Simpsons.

[edit] Susie Dietter

Besides directing episodes of The Simpsons, Susie has also worked on Futurama, The Critic and Recess.

[edit] Swinton O. Scott III

Swinton O. Scott III has directed What's New Scooby-Doo, Family Guy, The Simpsons and Futurama.

[edit] Tim Long

Tim Long has written various episodes for THe Simpsons and become Co-Executive Producer.

[edit] Tom Martin

Tom Martin has written for The Simpsons, Just Shoot Me, The Naked Truth and Still Standing.

[edit] Wallace Wolodarsky

This Simpsons Writer and Producer last wrote an episode in 1993.

[edit] Wesley Archer

This Simpsons director has also worked on King of the Hill. He is known for help defining The Simpson "style" when the show started along with David Silverman and Rich Moore.

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