Dr. Nick Riviera

Dr. Nick Riviera

Nick Riviera, M.D. is a character playing a doctor in The Simpsons. He is a shady physician who is often compared to Dr. Hibbert and often loses that battle. He often maims or gives questionable medical treatments to patients, but luckily not many have confronted him much about it. However, he still sometimes gets the job done when needed. He uses unethical tactics, such as digging up corpses to use their body parts on patients.

His catchphrase is "Hi, everybody!" when greeting people. He often shouts the phrase, and every present character usually looks back and replies with a heart-warming "Hi, Dr. Nick!". Some parodied variations have also been adopted after time, such as the phrase said in different languages. He first appeared in the episode Bart Gets Hit By a Car.

[edit] Voiced By

Hank Azaria

[edit] Quotes

Nick: Inflammable means flammable? Ugh, what a country!

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