EP 1003 - Bart the Mother

While at a Family Fun Fair, Marge observes how much of a bad influence Nelson is. After stealing a roll of tickets in the arcade, Nelso gets a BB Gun and Bart asks if he can come to play with it. Marge overhears them and forbids Bart from seeing Nelson.

Being Bart, he goes anyway and Nelson dares Bart to shoot a bird. Bart is hesitant and aims away but hits the bird anyway since the gun has a crocked crosshair. Finding out where Bart is, Marge rushes to Nelson's to find that Bart killed the bird and she loses all hope in Bart and gives up on him.

Feeling immeasurable guilt, Bart takes the eggs of the robin he killed to his tree house to hatch them so the babies don't die. When Marge finds out, she forgives Bart and helps him hatch them only to reveal a pair of Bolivian Tree Lizards which Bart names Bart Jr. and Chirpyboy. When the Simpsons take the lizards to the Springfield Birdwatching Society, the family finds out what the lizards are and the reason they were in the nest. Apparently, the mother lizard eats a bird's eggs and places its own in the mother's nest so that when they hatch, they eat the mother bird.

A flashback of Apu's reveals that the lizards came in a donut shipment. Skinner (who heads the Birdwatching Society) tries to kill the lizards but with Marge's help, Bart escapes with the lizards who are set free. Fortunately, the only birds the lizards kill are pigeons and Bart is rewarded with a scented candle. The town wonders how they will take care of the surplus of lizards and go through a chain of animals to eat each other until winter sets in to kill a breed of gorillas.

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