EP 1004 - Treehouse of Horror IX

Hell Toupee

Snake is caught in the Kwik-E-Mart and swears revenge on everyone who was witness which includes Apu, Moe, and Bart. Snake is executed and his body parts are put on the hospital's donor list. Homer being on the waiting list, gets Snake's hair. The hair however, possesses Homer periodically allowing Snake to take over and kill Moe and Apu. When Homer is about to kill Bart, the police interupt and Homer manages to rip the hair off which is shot as it tries to escape.

Starship Poopers

Maggie is teething but her first tooth is a long fang. Soon after, her legs drop and are replaced by green tentacles. Almost immediately, Kang and Kodos appear and Kang claims he is here for Maggie, his daughter. Marge admits that she was abducted a few years earlier and impregnated by Kang with a raygun and then gave birth to Maggie. To settle who gets the baby, everyone goes on the Jerry Springer Show. After much argument, Jerry Springer is killed so Kang and Kodos present an ultimatum. Either they get Maggie, or they destroy all the politicians in Washington. Marge dares them to do it and when they leave, calls them suckers.

The Terror of Tiny Toon

Marge forbids the kids to watch the Itchy and Scratchy Halloween Special and takes the batteries out of the remote. Bart searches for a new battery and finds plutonium in Homer's toolbox and crams it in. When he hits the ENTER button, he and Lisa are sent into the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon and nearly killed by their antics as they try to kill the kids. Homer picks up the remote and changes the channel to Regis and Kathie Lee and eventually is convinced to hit EXIT launching the kids and Itchy and Scratchy out. Lisa uses the rewind button to restores Bart's body which was reduced to a skeleton by the cartoons. Homer puts Itchy in a cage, amused by the mouse. Scratchy falls in love with Snowball II so Marge decides to have him neutered.

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