EP 1005 - When You Dish Upon a Star

While parasailing at Springfield Lack (formerly a Cesspool), Homer is cut loose and flies straight through the ceiling window of a private mansion hidden in Springfield. Homer is surprised to find that it belongs to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger who have taken the house to hide from fans. Unfortunately, they've been forced to eat gift basket muffins since they can't risk being seen. Sympathizing with them, Homer decides to be their errand boy and friend. Ron Howard shows up as a family friend and Homer offers him a Lawn Mower (Rum mixed with Wheat Grass).

However, Homer soon blows the stars' cover at Moe's and Homer is fired. Angry at his celebrity friends, Homer opens a celebrity musuem in a trailer where he shows off their underwear just as they're about to forgive him. Homer flees in his trailer and the stars give chase and try to jump on the trailer. Ron Howard fails and falls to the street and Homer decides to give up. At a court ruling, Homer is forbidden to be within 500 miles of any celebrity, alive or dead.

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