EP 1006 - D'oh-In in the Wind

After filling out several forms, Homer realizes he doesn't what the J. in Homer J. Simpson stands for. He asks Grandpa who also doesn't know, claiming his mother gave him the J. so they go to a Hippie Farm where Homer's mom lived. It is there that Homer find a mural painted for him by his mother with the text "With Love, to My Son Homer Jay Simpson."

Homer befriends the two resident Hippies, Munchie and Seth, who were also friends of his mother. When he invites them on a freakout, he finds out they now run a Juice business with their farm. The hippies decide to go on a Homer and do random things in the town including going to the School Cafeteria. When they come back, the find out that Homer's frisbee has jammed their Juice Bottling machine thus wrecking their shipment.

Homer then gathers the remaining vegetables and fruits at night and makes a new shipment. The hippies are perplexed since there shouldn't have been enough produce to make a shipment and Homer explains he used their "special medicinal" garden. After several people drink the juice, they become high and Chief Wiggum becomes aware and raids the farm. Homer tries to stop them with hippie philosophy and puts a daisy in the Chief's gun. The Chief doesn't listen and fires, putting the flower in Homer's head. Homer is fine, but just looks ridiculous.

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