EP 1007 - Lisa Gets an A

After Church, the family goes for their typical lunch, eating free samples at a gourmet grocery store.

Homer goes by the philosophy of "if it has a toothpick in it, it's a free sample" and sticks things with toothpicks and eats. He looks for ice cream for dessert and sticks Lisa in the freezer to look for a good flavor. Lisa gets a cold from the freezer as Marge pulls her out. Homer also buys a small five dollar lobster intent on fattening it up to eat it.

Lisa takes several days off from school and becomes obsessed with Bart's videogames consequently neglecting her schoolwork of reading The Wind in the Willows. When Marge realizes she's ready to go to school and Lisa's being lazy, she sends her back to school. Afraid of failing, Lisa finds Bart in the hall who takes her to Nelson. Nelson gives her the answers and Lisa gets an A+++.

Meanwhile, Homer has fattened the lobster up but can no longer part with it. Now named Mr. Pinchy, the lobster is a family pet. Homer takes it for walks on the beach and coddles it.

Lisa's test score is so high, that it raises the school average qualifying it for a school grant. She confesses to Skinner who urgers her to keep the grade as the school needs the money. Lisa agrees but confesses at the Grant Presentation. Skinner however expected this and had Otto play Comptroller Atkins and Bart make a Lisa dummy to fool the real Comptroller. After the grand presentation, Skinner and the parents in the crowd go to a liquor store to cash the grant. Lisa marks her A+++ as an F and feels morally sound.

Marge wonders why there's muddy claw prints on the ground and Homer remakrs that Pinchy was out playing and got dirty so he put him in a hot bath. After noticing the smell, Homer realizes he boiled Pinchy and mourns him by eating him.

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