EP 1502 - My Mother the Carjacker

Marge spots a mistake made in a newspaper article as was required for a new TV segment, and for he keen eye she received a tee shirt, making Homer envious of her. Wanting his own tee shirt, as Marge's was many sizes too small for him; Homer began looking more closely at articles of interest to him, such as articles about giant pieces of food. Whilst doing so he accidentally discovered a message from an anonymous person which read "Homer meet me 4th street overpass at midnight." Homer does as he is instructed by the article and ends up meeting his mother. He tries to help her escape from the police, as they are still after her for her radical ways in the 1960s. They enjoy the time they spend together, but Mr Burns catches her out when she admits to signing her false name on the national park entrance books, which is a serious crime. Homer tries to bust his mom out of jail by high-jacking the prison bus, but she slips away and appears to have been killed. She has a funeral, although her body was never found, and the next day a secret message is printed in the newspaper which confirms that she survived and is okay after all.

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