EP 1507 - 'Tis the Fifteenth Season

Following a Christmas bonus from Mr Burns, Homer is given a baseball card which he attempts to sell to Comic Book Guy. The card turns out to be valuable. The family celebrates by going to the expensive shopping mall and agree that they'll set aside some of the money to buy a big Christmas tree. However, Homer selfishly uses it for a present for himself. Following the disgust from is family and Marge forcing him to sleep on the couch he watches a cartoon that is a a rip of The Christmas Carol. This reforms him and he soon begins to help the homeless and Springfields residents with many people now viewing him as the nicest man in the city. Ned Flanders becomes incrasingly jealous and attempts to out do him by giving everyone a present. Following Lisa commenting that many people think Christmas is too materialistic, Homer attempts to also out do Ned by stealing every residents presents, thinking they'll be pleased. As an angry mob closes in on Homer, Ned saves him and they both hand out the presents to the now happy residents of Springfield.

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