EP 202 - Simpson and Delilah

[edit] Episode Summary

Simpson and Delilah
Original Airdate10/18/90
WriterJon Vitti
DirectorRich Moore
Created ByMatt Groening
Developed byJames L Brooks; Matt Groening; Sam Simon

Homer discovers a miracle hair growth formula after seeing an advert on TV. His dreams of having hair are cut short when he finds out that this formula costs $100,000. After some persuasion from Lenny, he decides to cheat his companies health insurance policy so that he will not have to pay for it. After applying the formula overnight, Homer awakes to find a thick mop of hair on his head. Mr Burns mistakes him for a young, new energetic employee and promotes him. With his new title, Homer hires an assistant called Karl. With Karl's help, Homer manages to impress Mr Burns enough to obtain the key to the executive washroom. Smithers is very jealous of Homer - he had his eye on that Executive job for ages. Smithers gets revenge by exposing Homers health insurance fraud and confronts Homer. When he confronted Homer Karl boldly took the blame for the 100,000 dollar check and was fired, leaving Homer to fend for himself.

When Bart accidently breaks the bottle of hair formula, Homer is bald once again. Homer has a nervous breakdown because he believes that it was the hair that was the reason why he was promoted, but Karl convinces him otherwise. Homer gives the highly anticipated speech to his fellow executives regarding profitability. With no hair, however, no one takes him seriously and he is demoted to his original job. When he gets home, Homer expects more rejection and grief, but Marge points out that she loves him the way he is.

[edit] Blackboard Gag

Tar is not a plaything.

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