EP 209 - Itchy

After Maggie hits Homer with a mallet, Marge suspects it's because of the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon she watched. Marge rallies against the show and gets other parents support and the creator of the show changes the format so the plots are very nice. Marge is asked to comment on Michelangelo's "David," and she says that it is appropriate and she loses her support and the show goes back to its orignal concept.


  • This is the first episode that featurse Itchy & Scratchy more than just one cartoon.
  • After Marge picks up Maggie it is daytime and whens he turns off the TV it is night time.
  • Many of the writers and animators who were on Itchy and Scratchy are drawings of some of The Simpson directors. (Rich Moore, David Silverman and Wesley Archer.)
  • The scene where Maggie hits Homer with a mallet is a parody of Psycho.
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