EP 212 - The Way We Was

After the TV breaks down, Marge tells the kids the story of how Homer and her met and fell in love. It's 1974 and they are both in high school. Marge is a radical feminist and Homer is a slacker. These traits land them both in detention where they meet each other. Homer pretends that he needs help with French to get close to Marge. After Marge starts liking Homer, he breaks her heart by telling her he's not really a French student and she decides to go to the prom with Artie Ziff instead. After Ziff puts the moves on Marge, she realizes Homer is the man for her.


  • This is the first of many episodes to flash-back or flash-forward.
  • This is the first apperance of Artie Ziff and the first time Jon Lovitz has done a guest voice.
  • Ageing and time has always been a sensitive issue on the show, since the characters don't age season to season. However, Homer says that he is 39 and Marge is 34 except Marge says they were both seniors in high shool.
  • "Inspiration Point" is the name of the place to go to make out in the classic sitcom, Happy Days.
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