EP 218 - Brush With Greatness

Marge picks up her old habbit of painting after finding a bunch of her old ones in the attic and Ringo Starr finally returns the fan mail she sent him. Mr. Burns hires Marge to do a portrait of him. She finds it hard to do since he is so ugly. Marge paints a picture of Mr. Burns in the nude and it turns out to be a success.

In the meantime, Homer works on his image after getting stuck in a slide at Mount Splashmore.


  • This is the first "Beatle" to guest star on Te Simpsons.
  • If Marge sent the letter when she was younger how did Ringo Starr manage to send a letter to her current home?
  • One of Marge's discarded paintings of Mr. Burns is similiar to a Picasso painting.
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