EP 220 - The War of The Simpsons

Homer and Marge throw a party and Homer gets drunk and humiliates Marge. There marriage is in serious danger so Marge suggest they go to a couple's retreat that Reverend Lovejoy is having at Catfish Lake. While Marge wants to amend their relationship, Homer dreams of catching the coveted General Sherman, a huge catfish. Marge tells Homer that if he loved her, he wouldn't go fishing but Homer can't help himself and he ends up catching General Sherman. Marge is furious. To prove his love for her, he throws General Sherman back in the water and choses Marge instead of the fame he would receive.


  • Matt Groening said on the DVD Commentary that he hated the facct that the catfish would talk because he never wanted to step out of the realm of realism.
  • A sign reads "leaches" when it should be spelled "leeches".
  • The picture of General Sherman is the same photo of the Loch Ness Monster.
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