EP 222 - Blood Feud

Mr. Burns gets very sick and he needs a blood transfusion. Homer volunteers Bart's blood and it is a match. After Bart's blood saves him, Homer is expecting a huge reward but instead all they get is a card. Homer writes Mr. Burns a nasty letter but then realizes that Marge is write and he shouldn't send it. To his horror, Bart sends the letter without telling Homer and Homer tries desperately to get it back. He fails however and Mr. Burns fires Homer and wants make his life miserable. Smithers convinces Mr. Burns that he really does owe The Simpsons so Mr. Burns buys them a huge Olmec Indian Statue.


  • Mr. Burns and Bart's blood type doesn't exist (double-o-negative).
  • According to the DVD commentary, this idea came from a Simpsons Staff Member who needed a blood transfusion.
  • It is told that Smithers donated Mr. Burns one of his kidneys however in this episode their blood types do not match.
  • The painting in the post-office is a parody of Michelangelo's famous, Creation painting.
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