EP 314 - Lisa the Greek

Homer discovers that Lisa is very gifted when it coems to picking the winner of football games. Lisa, who wants to spend more time with Homer begins having "Daddy-Daughter-Days" every Sunday. Eventually, Lisa finds out the only reason Homer spends time with her is so he can win bets on football games. As a result, she doesn't tell Homer who she thinks will win the superbowl. They agree to spend more quality time with each other after the football season ends.


  • According to the DVD Commentary, many members of the staff like to bet on football games and this idea was born.
  • This episode has been repeated with different audio for different football games.
  • If you look closely, while Lisa is reading her essay, Ms. Hoover only has one leg.
  • This episode gets its title from Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder.
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