EP 320 - Colonel Homer

Marge humiliates Homer at a movie theatre and Homer drives off to a redneck bar out of town. When he is there, a waitress who also sings at the bar sings a song that relates to Homer in everyway possible. Homer convinces Lurleen to record herself and he gives the CD to a radio station and helps Lurleen become famous. He books her many shows, fan gatherings and recordings. During this time, Marge is very angry at him and excepts that Marge is having an affair. Lurleen is obviously falling in love with Homer and she tries to kiss him. Homer sells Lurleen's contract deal and goes back to Marge.


  • This is the first episode to contain a string of songs.
  • After Krusty hears Lurleen singing he stops slapping Sideshow Mel with his glove and then in the next shot the glove disappears.
  • There is a kid playing a banjo when Homer pulls up to Lurleen's trailers. This is from the film Deliverance.
  • Ya-Hoo is a parody of the popular variety show Hee Haw.
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