EP 403 - Homer The Heretic

It's a cold, chilly Sunday morning and Homer decides that he does not want to go to church. While everyone at church is locked in and freezing cold, Homer is dancing in his underwear, watching TV, and making waffles. Homer comes to the conclusion that he should give up church and start his own religion. Marge expresses her disagreement but Homer won't change his mind. Homer thinks what he is doing right, especially after he has a dream whre God tells him that Homer is right.

Another Sunday morning, Homer is reading a Playdude and smoking a cigar when he falls asleep. His house catches on fire. Ned Flanders saves Homer from the fire and Homer realizes he should stick with his original religion.


  • This episode carries a lot of philosophical debate. The first time Homer sees God, he has five fingers and the second time Homer sees God, he has four. Jim Reardon, the director, insists it was a mistake but scholars think it has some time of meaning.
  • This episode's chalkboard gag was a response to the fire the show was under for the song about New Orleans in the prior episode.
  • Jimi Hendrix is left-handed, but when we see his guitar in heaven it is a right-handed.
  • Reverend Lovejoy's Sermon title, "When Homer Met Satan" is a play off the movie, When Harry Met Sally.
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