EP 405 - Treehouse of Horror III

The Simpsons and some friends are having a Halloween party. Since Homer ruined Marge's party ideas by eating all the eyes and brains, they decide to tell ghost stories.

Clown Without Pity (Lisa's Story)
Homer forgets to buy Bart a birthday present so in a hurry he goes to a scary shop and buy's Bart a talking Krusty doll. Bart is very excited about the doll. The only problem is, it keeps trying to kill Homer with a knife or by strangulation. Homer tries to get rid of the doll by dropping him down a bottomless pit, but the doll comes back to try and kill him again. Marge calls the repair man who changes Krusty's mode from 'Evil' to 'Good'. The doll becomes Homer's slave.

King Homer (Homer's Story)
Mr. Burns and Smithers take Marge as bait for a huge gorilla (Homer, King of the Jungle). Mr. Burns captures the gorilla and plans to use him in a show. The gorilla falls in love with Marge and escapes and takes her to the empire state building. After the army tries to kill him, Marge and King Homer get married and live happily ever after.

Dial "Z" for Zombie (Bart's Story)
Bart finds a magic spellbook and tries to help Lisa bring back Snowball I from the dead. Instead he brings back everyone from the dead. These zombies start biting other people to turn them into zombies. Bart finally finds the right spell to send them all back.


  • Homer does the opening warning instead of Marge for the first time.
  • When Krusty calls Homer an idiot, his lips don't move.
  • The first story is a parody of film, Child's Play where a doll named Chuckie is possessed.
  • The second story is a parody of King Kong.
  • The third story gets it's title from the Alfred Hitchcock Film, Dial "M" for Murder.
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