EP 409 - Mr. Plow

After crashing one of the family cars into the other, Homer attends an auto show where he gets suckered into buying a snow plow. He starts a snow removal business, "Mr. Plow" and after a low budget commercial on late night T.V it becomes very successful (Homer even gets rewarded the key to the city). Homer then spreads some words of wisdom to a depressed Barney who then creates his own snow removal business that steals most of Homers business. Homer retaliates by making a prank call to Barney employing him to make a trip up the dangerous "Widows Peak" where an avalanche eventually traps him. Feeling guilty Homer races up to save his friend and create a partnership instead of a rivalry, but the snow mysteriously melts all of a sudden to ruin those plans.


  • Homer goes to bed with just the Mr. Plow jacket on, but wakes up with jeans on as well
  • The ad company Homer goes to is called "MacMahon and Tate", which is also the name of the ad firm of Darren Stevens on the classic sitcom "Bewitched"
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