EP 412 - Marge vs. The Monorail

Mr. Burns is fined $3,000,000 for dumping toxic waste, so the town has money to spend. A townhall meeting is held to discuss what to do with the money. A high energy sales person, Lyle Lanley, convinces the town to buy a monorail using an elaborate song and dance number (evryone but Marge is in favour of the monorail). Homer goes to school and becomes the monorail conducter. Meanwhile marge goes to Lanley's office and discovers that he is a fraud and the Monorail is a disaster waiting to happen. Marge tries to stop the maiden voyage, but is too late. Soon the monorails breaks fail, it speeds up, and the track is about to break. Homer has to find a way to stop it, so he makes an anchor and throws it out the window stopping the monorail and saving the day.


  • The start of the episode shows Homer coming home from work singing his own version of "The Flintstones" theme. It goes: "Simpson! Homer Simpson. Hes the greatest guy in history. From the.. town of Springfield. Hes about to hit a chestnut tree!"
  • We see the return of Lurleen Lumpkin, who is now in bad condition.
  • Homers monorail uniform was supposed to look like Darth Vadars outfit, there was a joke about it that got cut out.
  • The scene in which Mr.Burns and Smithers prepare to illegally dump nuclear waste is accopanied by "Axel F (Axels Theme)" from Beverly Hills Cop.
  • Lyle Lanley acts and sounds like traveling salesman Professor Harold Hill in The Music Man, except that Hill goes to River City, Iowa, rather tan Springfield and is intresting in starting a boys band rather than stiffing the town on a monorail project.
  • The monorail song contains elements of The Music Man Tune "Trouble".
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