EP 414 - Brother From the Same Planet

When Homer forgets to pick up Bart on time after soccer practice during the rain, Bart retaliates by going to the Big Brother program. He claims that he has no father and he needs a new one. Bart gets Tom who rides a motorcycle and flies a figher-plane. He watches cartoons with Bart.

To get back at Bart, Homer adopts Pepi, a poor child. Homer realizes how bad it is for Pepi and lets him eat dinner, play ball and look at the stars and ask questions.

Bart goes to a father-son event with Tom and Homer takes Pepi. Homer meets Tom and Tom thinks that he's a horrible father and gets in a fight with Tom. Bart realizes that Homer must think a lot of him. Tom ends up adopting Pepi.


  • This episode was not well received at the table read.
  • The role of Tom was originally meant for Tom Cruise.
  • Bart's telephone has no number 0, # or *.
  • This episode gets its title from the movie Brother From Another Planet.
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