EP 415 - I Love Lisa

It's Valtentines day at Springfield Elementary and the kids are giving out their Valentines cards. Ralph starts to cry because he doesn't recieve any, so Lisa quickly makes him one to make him feel better. Ralph now thinks Lisa likes him and he developes a crush on her. Ralph invites Lisa to Krusty's special anniversary show and Lisa goes along because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings again, but when Krusty comes over to talk to them in the audience Lisa snaps and tells everyone that she just gave him the card out of pity. Ralph's heart is now broken, so Lisa decides to make up for it by giving him another card asking to just be friends.

Lisa's Valentines to Ralph:

  • I Choo-Choo-Choose You (picture of a train)
  • Let's Bee Friends (picture of a bee)
  • The chocolate stain on Lisa's dress disappears in the next scene.
  • The episode title is a reference to the classic sitcom, "I Love Lucy".
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