EP 416 - Duffless

Homer gets caught drinking and driving, so Marge convinces him to stop drinking for a whole month. Homer struggles to make it through, but eventually he is successful and crosses off the last day on the calendar and rushes off to Moe's. Feeling guilty he goes back home to spend quality time with Marge.

Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa are in the middle of a fued over their science fair projects. Bart destroyed her first project, a giant tomato, by throwing it at Principal Skinner. For revenge, Lisa's new experiment will be to see if Bart is smarter (or dumber) than a hamster. Bart catches on and uses the hamster for an experiment of his own by putting it in a model airplane proving that hamsters can fly. Bart gets awarded first place.


  • Homer gets chased by biker cops, but when the cops have him pulled over a regular police cruiser is shown.
  • When Bart is falling to the ground trying to reach the cupcakes, it is a spoof of A Clockwork Orange.
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