EP 419 - The Front

Bart and Lisa get fed up with the lack of creativity in recent Itchy & Scratchy cartoons, so they decide that they can come up some better ideas. They write a script, but they are rejected because they are just kids. Bart and Lisa decide to write Grandpa Simpson's name on the script, so they will be taken more seriously. The script is accepted and is a huge success. The studio head decides to hire Grandpa as a full time writer, but the kids continue to to do the writing for him, eventually winning an award for their writing. When granda accepts the award he sees the cartoon for the first time and goes on a rant raving about how violent and horrible it is and gets himself fired.

Meanwhile, it is Homer and Marge's high school reunion and homer wins some awards, but gets them taken away, because he didn't pass science. Homer goes back to school to pass the class and regains his awards


  • A short segment about the adventures of Ned Flanders was added at the end, because the episode ran shorter than usual
  • The writers for Itchy and Scratchy that get fired after Grandpa is hired were based on the real writers of the Simpsons.
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