EP 601 - Bart of Darkness

The Simpsons get a new swimming pool installed into the back yard, which causes Bart to suffer an injury. After being stuck in the house for days, Bart decides to do a little exploring from his window. He sets up a telescope so that he can peer into his neighbours houses, and something begins to catch his eye at the Flander's residence. He immediately thinks that Ned has murdered Maude and the more he looks through the telescope, the more the peices begin to fit together. He sends Lisa in to investigate further, only to realise he has misjudged his timing and sent his sister into Ned's house just as he was about to come through the door. All he can do is watch as Lisa tries to escape Ned, but finally plucks up the courage to limp over to the house and save his sister for the alleged murderer. As soon as they confront him about killing Maude, he confenses about the killing...of Maude's favorite plant.

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