EP 801 -Treehouse of Horror VII

In this Tree house of Horror edition, Bart is alarmed to find out he is not the only spiky haired little monster in his family, when he discovers an evil brother and former conjoined twin who lives in his attic named Hugo. However, when more thought is put into the situation, it is realised that Hugo may not be the deranged maniac he was portrayed as at birth. In the second part of the spooky event of tree house horrors, Lisa uninvertantely creates a new miniature, super advanced race of beings when a science experiment goes wrong. She studies them and upon arrival in their city discovers that she is seen as their God, and Bart is Satan who tries to destroy them. In the third and final part in the scary series of events, Kang and Kodos beam Homer aboard their ship while he is fishing innocently and demand answers about the US presidents, when he tells them that he�s not sure if Bill Clinton or Bob Dole is the president, Kang and Kodos beam both of them aboard and then steal their identities before returning to Earth and both running for president. Homer takes it upon himself to stop them immediately from world domination.

Notes: The aliens, Kang and Kodos were named for Star Trek characters who were killed because of mistaken beliefs.

Trivia:"The Genesis Tub" is inspired by the 1962 Twilight Zone episode called "The Little People."

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