EP 802 -You Only Move Twice

Homer is recruited by Hank Scorpio to work for him and Globex Corporation in a scenic town called Cypress Creek. Homer likes Hank's down-to-earth and calm approach to his job. Homer feels he is in the best possible job he could be in, with the best possible boss. However, things aren't so good for the rest of the Simpson family. Marge has to stay at home in a perfect house, with no housework left to do, so she becomes lonely and desperate. She begins to drink to pass the time. Bart is seen as slow compared to the rest of his classmates, and put in a remedial class. Lisa is allergic to nearly everything in the forest and has severe allergies. Homer still believes that Cypress Creek is the perfect place for him and his family. Later he realises that Globex Corporation is seeking world domination and that Scorpio is actually a super-villain, so he changes his mind and decided to move his family back to Springfield.

Notes: Albert Brooks guest stars as Hank Scorpio.

Trivia: The scene with Hank Scorpio and James Bont is reminicant of the classic 1964 Bond film "Goldfinger".

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