EP 803 -The Homer They Fall

After a bar room brawl at Moes when Homer takes a huge beating and is still standing, Moe thinks Homer may have it in him to be a professional boxer. Moe decided to train Homer, whilst doing this he realises that Homer isn't too good around the ring, or doing any actual fighting, but he can take a hell of a beating without falling over. He verses many opponents, most who merely collapse from tiredness after they stand there beating on Homer for hours and watch him just stand there and not fall over. He moves his way up to the professional ranks of boxing and agrees to fight a client of Lucius Sweet. Homer must fight one of the best Heavyweight boxers around, Drederick Tatum. Marge is very worried and insists that Moe makes sure Homer doesn't get too hurt. Homer is nearly knocked out in the early stages of the match, and just before Drederick Tatum can finish him off, Moe flies over the ring using a giant fan and saves Homer.

Notes: Paul Winfield guest starred as Lucius Sweet; Michael Buffer starred as himself.

Trivia: Homer's opponents prior to facing the invincible Dredrick Tatum are all styled like the boxers in the Nintendo video game "Mike Tyson's Punch out."

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