EP 804 -Burns, Baby Burns

Homer picks up a hitch hiker on the way home from a trip and after talking to the stranger for a while realises that he is Larry Burns, Mr. Burns' illegitimate son. Homer helps Larry and Mr Burns unite, but Mr Burns finds Larry repulsive because of his loud and obnoxious manner. Mr Burns also finds out that Larry is a complete idiot and so he tells him to get lost. Homer thinks up a new plan to get Mr Burns to love Larry once more by pretending to kidnap Larry and ask Mr Burns for a ransom. Marge apposes the idea but they still go through with it. Even after all their efforts, Mr Burns still dislikes Larry and refuses to accept him.

Notes: Rodney Dangerfield guest starred as Larry Burns.

Trivia: This episode opens at the Mt. Swartzwelder Historic Cider Mill - a tribute to long time "Simpsons" writer John Swartzwelder.

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