EP 805 -Bart After Dark

While fetching a frisbee from the roof of a haunted house, Bart breaks a statue and Homer insists that he works there to pay for the damage he caused. Bart soon discovers that behind the creepy big gates and old style facade, it's actually a burlesque theater. He begins working there as a stand-up comedian and maitre d'. Marge returns from a trip with Lisa and is shocked at what Homer has let Bart do. She is so annoyed that such a sinful place could exist in the humble little town of Springfield that she goes before the town and tries to get them to bulldoze the place. The town agrees and go there with pitchforks and burning clubs, but are convinced to leave it alone by an inspiring song sung by the showgirls, Homer and Mayor Quimby.

Notes: This is the first episode that Mrs. Hibbert speaks in.

Trivia: In 1997, this episode won an Emmy for 'Outstanding Music and Lyrics', for the song 'We Put the Spring in Springfield.'

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