EP 808 - Hurricane Neddy

A hurricane begins to pick up speed across Springfield, everyone runs for cover and hides in their basements, but when they come out it is discovered that Ned Flanders' house has been torn to pieces and all that remains are piles of rubble. Due to a lack of property insurance, Ned and his family are forced to live at the church and wear clothes that have been donated. While Ned is there, the good people of Springfield attempt to build Ned a makeshift and what turn out to be, rather crude house. Ned is not pleased, he has an uncharacterised outburst where he starts screaming and pointing out the reasons why he hates everyone in this town. Ned is taken to a mental institution where he is put under the care of Dr Foster, who helped him with his anger problems when he was a little boy. Dr Foster tries to make Ned stop bottling his emotions up inside and express them, with the help of Homer Simpson, Ned finally gets angry and admits he hates his parents, this leads to his cure and allows his to be released from the asylum.

Notes: The scene where the high winds carry away the bowling alley is similar to the scene of a tornado carrying away Dorothy's house in "The Wizard of Oz."

Trivia: The blackboard outside the church says "God welcomes his victims."

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