EP 809 -El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer

It�s that time of year, the time for the annual Chilli Cook-Off. Homer has grown to have the reputation as the man with the fireproof stomach, so Police Officer Chief Wiggum attempts to burn Homer�s stomach with a dangerous Guatemalan pepper. Homer takes one bite and runs around screaming due to the insane heat of it. He then has the idea to fill his mouth with wax so he won�t be able to feel the heat of the chilli, he does this and swallows a few, but they make him start hallucinating and he begins a very strange and exciting journey upon which he is prompted to re-think his life. When he returns home Marge is furious and yells at Homer, Homer thinks that Marge may not be the soul mate that Homer once thought she was. During his long search for a soul mate, he is unsuccessful and ends up at a lighthouse. Marge, knowing his so well figures out he would be there and finds him, they settle their differences and Homer realises that Marge is his true soul mate after all.

Notes: The song playing during Homer's journey to find his soul mate in the streets is the 1975 hit "At Seventeen" by Janis Ian.

Trivia: Johnny Cash guest starred as the coyote.

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