EP 810 -The Springfield Files

The Springfield Files
Springfield files.png
Homer with Mulder and Scully
Guest StarsLeonard Nimoy as himself
David Duchovny as FBI agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson as FBI agent Dana Scully

[edit] Plot

Leonard Nimoy shares the strange tale of Homer Simpson's close encounter with a supernatural being.
Homer is a bit tipsy after drinking a few too many beers at Moe's Tavern on a lonely Friday night and decides to walk home. He gets lost and ends up wandering through the forest where he sees a strange creature, with a bald head and dilated pupils who has a green glow surrounding him and tells Homer that he comes in peace. Homer runs home afraid and tells everyone that he saw an alien. A couple of special agents from the FBI, named Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, come to investigate. The next Friday, Bart and Homer return to the scene of the crime to collect some video evidence that the Alien exists, and so everyone will believe them. They see the Alien and manage to get two seconds of blurry footage of it which they send to the local television stations. The next Friday, the entire town goes to the scene of the crime, hoping to catch a glimse of the alien. It appears, and they are about to destroy it when Mr Smithers comes to the rescue and says it is merely Mr Burns on his medication. Everyone's links arms and begins to sing Good Morning Starshine.

[edit] Notes

Leonard Nimoy guest starred as himself; David Duchovny reprised his role as Fox Mulder; Gillian Anderson reprised her role as Dana Scully.

[edit] Trivia

The Springfield Philharmonic Orchestra plays the music from the shower scene of Psycho.
The FBI agents Mulder and Scully are the protagonists of hit television series The X-Files, investigating cases that are supernatural based.
Homer and Santa's Little Helper are revealed to have the same birthdays in this episode.
For some reason, Cigarette Smoking Man can be seen in the background of the Lie Detector scene smoking, even though he is the main antagonist of Fox Mulder.

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