EP 811 -The Twisted World of Marge Simpson

Marge and some of her other female friends have a group where they discuss issues and make investments. They go to a business convention looking to buy a business but Marge is against the idea, so they kick her out of the group. Marge is frustrated and wants to show them up so she looks for a business of her own, and ends up buying a small pretzel business. Marge's small pretzel stand is no match for the established and growing Fleet-A-Pita franchise, Marge realises this and is very upset but won't give up. Just when she is about to throw in the towel, Homer gets his Fat Tony from the Italian Mafia to give Marge an edge on the competition, so they take out all of the opposition and Marge's business begins to thrive. Soon Fat Tony wants his money, Homer tries to wriggle out of it but Fat Tony tracks down Marge and demands that she pays in full within 12 hours. Just when it looks like they are in serious trouble, the Japanese Mafia comes in and has a massive brawl with the Italian Mafia right outside their house.

Notes: Jack Lemmon guest starred as Frank Ormand; Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony.

Trivia: Among the names of Cletus' 26 kids are Rumor, Scout and Q-bert. Rumor and Scout are the names of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's children and Q-bert is the name of an old 1980s video game.

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