EP 812 -Mountain of Madness

In a happy and active mood one morning, Mr Burns decides to test out the power plants� safety skills and team work in a good old fashioned fire drill. Unfortunately, the result of this test is complete and utter pandemonium so Mr Burns decided to take everyone up to a mountain range for some team building work. Homer brings his family, who wonder around the ski range while the teams prepare themselves for their race to the top of the mountain. When drawing teams from a hat, Mr Burns is partnered with Homer, the unlikely friends settle their differences and unite as an efficient team so they can win, Homer thinks of this as unlikely, with him not being too fit, and Mr Burns being over 100 years old, but Mr Burns has a trick up his sleeve which allows them to arrive first at the designated finish, a secluded cabin at the top of the mountain. No one else has arrived, so they begin to start celebrating, with some food and drink, and get to know each other a lot better. The duo accidently cause an avalanche and their cabin is buried under a lot of snow. Their futile attempts to dig their way out fail, so they resort to making snow men to remain sane, but end up turning on each other after cabin fever kicks in and begin to fight. Every one else arrives at a secondary lodge and cannot find Homer and Mr Burns. During their fight, a propane tank explodes and they are propelled out from under the snow and into safety.

Notes: Lenny has also been fired in several other episodes.

Trivia: The bear machine is Smokey Bear who's a bear that promotes the prevention of forest fires for the USDA Forest service.

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