EP 813 -Simpsoncalifragilisticexpialadocios

Marge is over loaded by the amount of stress she is under, and the huge amount of house work and cleaning up after the family she has to do. She ends up freaking out and her hair begins to fall out. In order to better manage the stress, the Simpsons decide to hire a nurse to help ease the load which Marge is constantly under. Shary Bobbins floats down from the sky with an umbrella and is the perfect candidate for the job. She becomes popular around Springfield with her cheerful antics and happy mannerisms, as well as helping the Simpson family become be neater, more organised and friendly, through the miracle of song. Once her job is done, she goes to leave, but comes to the realisation that they still need her. They become more and more sloppier, and despite her best efforts, she can not transform them from the naturally, bone lazy slobs they were born as. Bart and Lisa begin to ignore her and Sharry become extremely depressed and lonely. She floats back away on her magical umbrella and leaves them.

Notes: Mary Poppins was a seemingly magical singing nanny who came into the lives of a family and changed them for the better in the 1964 film of the same name.

Trivia: This is the 1st episode that Al Jean & Mike Reiss wrote for since Season 4's "Treehouse of Horror III".

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