EP 815 - Homer's Phobia

When struck with some financial problems, the Simpsons go to an antique shop to try and sell some of their possessions, once there they meet a nice man who Homer begins to talk to. When Homer discovers how many valuable things he may have at his house, Homer invites John over to have a look at all of his things, and asks him if they’re worth anything. The rest of the family soon befriend John, especially Bart. Marge then points out the obvious to Homer, that John is homosexual. Homer is shocked, and being a homophobe, begins to dislike John. Bart still likes John, which worries Homer because he believes Bart may turn gay like John. In a desperate attempt to save Bart from turning homosexual, Homer takes him to look at some women in bikini’s. Then he takes Bart to a steel mill to show him some real men, but to his horror discovers it’s a gay steel mill. As a final resort, Homer takes Bart deer hunting with Moe and Barney. Homer gets more than he bargained for when the reindeers attack him. John ignores the fact that Homer is a homophobe and rescues Homer and Bart. Homer then accepts Bart and John for who they are, instead of judging them by their sexuality.

Notes: John Waters guest starred as “John.”

Trivia: This was the most controversial episode in the show's history. Thousands of letters flooded the network and its stations. Despite the theme, every station aired it at its regularly scheduled time.

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