EP 816 -Brother from Another Series

After exhibiting exceedingly good behaviour, Sideshow Bob is allowed to be released from prison. He is put in a program to help his brother Cecil, with a massive construction site project, building a dam. While the rest of the community is convinced that Bob's evil past is far behind him, Bart thinks otherwise. In a desperate attempt to find out what Bob is up to, he once more unites forces with Lisa and begins to snoop through Bob's garbage. When they find nothing, they keep looking and find a brief case of money. They confront Bob, but then Cecil appears and reveals his devious plan to skimp on building materials, take the money he was given to work on the dam, and then blow up the entire town of Springfield. Bart and Lisa then have to settle their differences with Bob and join together to over-power Cecil and prevent him from blowing up the entire town. Just at the last moment they stop Cecil, but when the police arrive they don't believe that Bob was innocent, even when Lisa and Bart supported him, so Cecil and himself were promptly put behind bars.

Notes: Kelsey Grammer guest starred as Sideshow Bob; David Hyde Pierce as Cecil.

Trivia: In the Krusty Prison Special Krusty's sings and dresses exactly like country music singer Johnny Cash, who is also known for performing in prison benefits.

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