EP 817 -My Sister, My Sitter

In desperate need for a babysitter, Flanders asks Homer if he could watch his kids, but before Homer can make up an excuse, Lisa offers to look after them while Flanders is busy. After Lisa is proved to be responsible, Marge and Homer decided to go out to a party, and leave Lisa to look after Bart. Bart is obviously outraged at the idea of a girl two years younger than him looking after him, so he does his best to make Lisa�s job hard by ignoring everything she says, then reporting UFO sightings, ordering 10 foot sandwiches and asking Krusty the Clown to come over for a private party. When Lisa is chasing Bart around the house trying to get him to go to bed, she accidentally knocks him down a flight of stairs, where upon landing he realises he has dislocated his elbow. Bart then knocks himself unconscious to make the injury look worse. In desperate trouble, Lisa panics and takes Bart in a wheelbarrow to see Dr Nick. On the way, the wheel barrow overturns and exposes a seriously injured Bart, and a distressed looking Lisa, right outside of where the party is being held. The judgemental town instantly forms a quick opinion of Lisa being horrible at looking after children, and beating up Bart. Lisa fears her babysitting career is over, but soon enough people have forgotten about the incident and are willing to have her look after their children again.

Notes: In this episode, Bart refers to himself as 'two years and thirty-eight days' older than Lisa.

Trivia: "Planet Hype" is Springfield's version of Planet Hollywood, complete with ringed planet logo.

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