EP 819 -Grade School Confidential

Martin is having a huge birthday party, so he invited everyone in his class to come. While at the party Bart stumbles across Martin�s playhouse where he sees Miss Krabappel and Principal Skinner kissing.
The next day, they catch Bart about to tell all of his friends what he saw at the party when they left. Just before he could tell them, Skinner rushed in and took Bart to his office. To hush Bart up, they agreed to give him a clear record and ignore his past problems, which have all been archived. Bart is then used by Edna and Seymour to pass messages to each other, and cover for Skinner while he goes with Edna to the movies. After a few weeks of this, Bart has had enough, and tells his whole class what has been happening, and shows them the janitor�s closet where Edna and Seymour were passionately kissing. Rumours begin to fly that the two of them are having sexual relations with each other, so Superintendent Chalmers fires both of them. Just when they are about to pack up and leave, Bart convinces them to stand up for their rights and refuse to leave. All three of them lock themselves in the school, and refuse to come out until they are allowed to have a relationship, without the public being so judgemental. When Seymour talks to the townspeople, he convinces them that what they�re doing is perfectly fine, and the townspeople agree. They continued their relationship in private, away from the public eye.

Notes: This episode's title is similar to the movie High School Confidential.

Trivia: Bart says "Set your faces to stunned", which is similar to the quote "Set you phasers to stun" which was said on Star Trek.

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