EP 820 -The Canine Mutiny

While Bart is sifting through various junk mail, he finds a credit card application. He makes a fake account, and puts it under the name of his dog, 'Santa's Little Helper.' Bart then goes on a shopping spree, buying nearly everything advertised in the catalogue, including an amazing dog named 'Laddie.' After not actually paying for any of the things he bought after a month, the repo men came to take all of his stuff. They completely emptied out his room, but still has a dog on their list. Bart gave them Santa's Little Helper, and said that was the amazing dog. Meanwhile, Laddie became popular with the Simpson family, and the rest of the neighbourhood. When Bart realised how helpful Laddie was, he gave it to the Springfield Police Department. Bart soon began to miss his old dog, so went around looking for it. He eventually saw that he was with a blind man, so he tried to break in at night and steal back his dog. The blind man caught him, and then called the police. The police came and Laddie sniffed out some drugs in the blind man's pockets. While the police force checked the marijuana, Bart was allowed to keep Santa's Little Helper.

Notes: The title of this episode comes from the Herman Wouk novel called The Caine Mutiny.

Trivia: "Laddie" is obviously an allusion to that famous dog we all know, "Lassie" from films in the past.

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