EP 821 -The Old Man and the Lisa

When Mr Burns is giving a talk to Lisa's class, Lisa becomes curious about the recycling program used at the power plant. Mr Burns ignores her and thinks nothing of it, but when he looks deeper into the problem, it leads to the realisation that he has lost a lot of money through bad investments, but his 'yes' men were too afraid to tell him the truth. My Burns loses the plant and after living with Smithers for a while, eventually ends up in a retirement castle. Mr Burns remembered how keen and determined Lisa was when he met her, and begs her to help him re-build his empire, but only by doing good deeds. Lisa eventually agrees and Mr Burns starts recycling, trading empty bottles for small amounts of money. Through more persistence and hard work, and with the help from Lisa, he eventually gets enough money to start a recycling factory. Lisa is proud to start with, but soon realised that Burns had reverted to his old ways and was killing hundreds of animals, and actually becoming eviler than he had been before. Lisa is so horrified, she tries to stop everyone from recycling. Mr Burns eventually buys back the power plant, and offers Lisa 10% of his earnings, when Lisa refuses the money Homer has a heart attack.

Notes: The title of the episode is a play on the title of Ernest Hemingway's novel "The Old Man and the Sea. "

Trivia: From this episode and onward, Lisa and Burns become enemies.

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