EP 901 - The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

At a typical night at Moe's, Moe says that he can't let Homer, Lennie, Carl, and Barney can't leave unless one of them becomes the designated driver. Barney is the unlucky pick and though he makes it through the night, he can't stand not having a beer and disapeers with Homer's car.

When he returns the next morning, drunk and carless, Homer loses all hope of finding his car until he receives a letter from New York City. Apparently, his car is illegally parked there and he must go and retrieve. The Simpson Family is excited to see the big city but Homer isn't looking forward to the trip. Homer reveals that he once had an escapade in New York in which garbage was dumped on him, he was mugged, and then chased by a pimp.

At the city, the family splits up and Marge, Lisa, Maggie, and Bart go see the sights while Homer waits at the World Trade Center where his car is locked down with a boot. While he waits, Homer gets an unspeakable urge to go the bathroom from eating Khlav Kalash and drinking Moutain Dew and has to go through both World Trade Center buildings to find a working bathroom and misses the official to remove the boot. Ready to blow his stack, Homer grabs the car with the boot still attached and drives away, leaving dents in the street due to the boot. He finds the family in Central Park, forces them in and leaves the city with his car in terrible shape and garbage flying into his face through the broken windsheild.

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