EP 904 - Treehouse of Horror VIII


Mayor Quimby has insulted France which now threatens the town with a nuclear missle. Quimby being Quimby, refuses to take back what he's said and the Simpson family encourages Homer to buy a bomb shelter.

While Homer is considering a shelter and is looking inside, the missle strikes destroying everyone but himself. Homer is striken with grief at the loss of his family, pets, and TV but he soon gets over it and takes advantage of the lack of people.

As he rocks out in the church to the sermon of "Homer Rocks" he is interrupted by a gaggle of mutated Springfeild men mutated by the radiation who now have a taste for flesh.

Homer flees home and finds his family unharmed. Several layers of lead paint made the house the ultimate bomb shelter and when the mutants arrive, Marge convinces them to be peaceful again. The family then uses this moment to pull out shotguns and blow the zombies away.

Fly Vs. Fly

Professor Frink holds a yardsale of various inventions and Homer purchases a teleporter pod set. He abuses the pod to go to the bathroom, get snacks from the fridge, and go upstairs. However, when Bart watches the Dog and Cat fight their way into the teleporter and emerge as a two headed CatDog on one body and a two butted abomination on the other, he wonders at the possibility of becoming a Fly based super-hero by mixing and matching with a fly.

He goes in and emerges with his head on the Fly's body. However, the fly gains Bart's body and the family believes that it is still Bart. Eventually, Bart uses Lisa's sax to tell Lisa what happened and the fly is forced back.

Homer picks up the axe, knowing what he must do. He chases down Bart with the axe to punish him.

Easy Bake Coven

The year is 1649 and the old village of Springfeild is fearful of witches. Marge is eventually accused and when she is shoved off a cliff, Lisa condones them only to turn and see her mother green and flying on a broomstick. Marge flies back to her sisters, Patty and Selma, and they decide to eat children to help Marge through her depression over losing her family. They visit the Flanders who buy them off with Gingerbread cookies and they continue to be bought off. Soon their adventures lead to the tradition of Halloween.

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