EP 905 - The Cartridge Family

Homer takes the kids to watch a Soccer game between Portugal and Brazil. After a series of nothing but passing and almost no movement on the feild, a riot errupts.

The Simpsons start to fear for their security but since Homer can't afford a security system he gets himself a pistol.

Marge is shocked and tells Homer to get rid of the gun but Homer convinces her to attend at least one NRA meeting.

However, after an accident at the dinner table Marge forbids the gun and Homer says he'll git rid of it but actually doesn't. When Marge finds out she leaves with the kids to a hotel where the kids race on the vibrator beds.

Homer hosts an NRA meeting that night but is kicked out when the members find out he uses his gun to turn on the TV and turn off the lights.

Homer goes to Marge and tells her he's gotten rid of the gun as it isn't worth the trouble. As they leave, Snake appears with a knife to rob the hotel but Homer pulls out his gun. Marge is shocked and Snake steals the gun but Homer reveals it isn't loaded. Snake points the gun at Homer and tells him to give him the ammo and Homer does out of sheer stupidity. Luckly the hotel owner called the NRA with a silent alarm and they run Snake out. Marge decides to throw away the gun but when everyone leaves she sees how good she looks with it and keeps it.

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