EP 906 - Bart Star

The Simspons go to a Free Health Fair and the town is shocked to find out that the majority of their kids are fat.

Homer signs Bart up for peewee football so he can lose wait. The Springfeild Wildcats are coached by Flanders and he soon appoints Nelson as quarter-back. The Wildcats win a stunning first game against the Arlen Wildcats (Hank, Bobby, and Peggy Hill from King of the Hill cameo).

Despite the team's amazing games, Homer makes fun of Flanders' coaching. Flanders eventually gets so fed up that he explodes on Homer and makes him the coach to see how easy it is.

Homer initially treats the poor badly but when Marge reminds him of his father treated him when it came to sports (Homer was a professional gymnast discouraged by Abe) he decides to compensate with Bart. He makes Bart quarter-back despite Nelson's superiority and the team soon starts to fail. He continues to push Bart but Bart starts to fake injuries. Instead of putting in a replacement, Homer refuses to let the team play without their star. Bart gets fed up and tells Homer the truth and quits the team.

Homer is left feeling alone at the Wildcats' next victory but he and Bart make up when Bart takes a hit for the team by being taken away by Cheif Wiggum in place of Nelson, who commited arson.

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